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필요서류 첨부

필요서류 첨부

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대리 위임장

대리 위임장

I hereby appoint SJ Tax Service annd Accounting of PO BOX 180 Prahran VIC 3181 to be my attorney.
My attorney may exercise the authority conferred on my attorney by Part 2 of the Powers of Attorney Act 2003 to do
on my behalf anything I may lawfully authorise an attorney to do.
My attorney's authority is subject to any additional details specified in Part 2 of this document.
This power of attorney operates immediately.
If I appoint more than one attorney, then I appoint them jointly and severally.

  Part 2 Additional powers and restrictions
I authorise my attorney to:

(a) carry out any act and sign any document on my behalf for all matters
concerning Australian income tax and superannuation; and

(b) receive and inspect confidential taxation information with respect to
Australian income taxation and superannuation; and

(c) requesting and receiving from my employer(s) the PAYG payment summary,
statement of earnings, superannuation details or TFN; and

(d) obtaining information from any superannuation fund of which I may be a
member in relation to any benefit to which I may be entitled; and

(e) sign any agreements, consents or other documents (including superannuation
claim forms and DASP request) required to refund any overpaid taxes or
facilitate the payment of any superannuation benefits.

(f) depositing any tax refund or superannuation proceeds into the Attorney bank
account for the purpose of applying the whole or a part of it in payment of
any bills for Professional fees and disbursements that has been rendered.

This power of attorney shall remain in full force and effect until the completion on
my taxation and superannuation affairs.

I , authorise S & J SERVICE GROUP PTY. LTD of PO BOX 180 Prahran VIC 3181 , to deposit any money received by S & J
SERVICE GROUP PTY.LTD. on my behalf including any tax and superannuation refund cheques, into your bank account
for the purposeof applying the whole or a part of it in payment of any bills for Professional fees and disbursements
that SJ Tax Service have rendered to me in respect of the preparation of my income tax returns and any other work
I have instructed them to perform.
The balance of the refund is to be sent to me at the above address or direct deposit into my bank account
as detailed below.

* 저희 S&J Tax 에 제출 하신 서류가 정확한 본인 서류이고,
   제공하셨던 정보가 모두 거짓이 없으며, 위 세금연금관련 대리위임장 내용에 동의 하십니까?

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